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How to handle BYE weeks at Fanduel

How to handle BYE weeks at Fanduel

Oh my gosh, it’s that time of the year already?  It’s the 1st dreaded BYE week. This is any fantasy players’ worst part of the game. It’s when you have to take someone from your Bench that could be projected to get 3 points and replace him for one of your studs that’s been averaging 25 pts. And them dreaded bye weeks are not the best time to play with your Fanduel promo code, not by a long shot! Sometimes you have to go to the Waiver Wire (WW) or Free Agency (FA) to find a player that through the first four games is averaging more than that Bench player with the 3 pts. You might DROP your worst player and ADD the one from the WW or FA lists. One of the reasons we suggest you start working on your team early in the week is that come BYE weeks other fantasy players attack the WW or FA lists early in the week. If you wait until Friday or Saturday the pickings could be slim. It’s another reason I suggest loading your team with RBs and WRs. Some formats allow you to use 3 QBs, so use that option wisely. Try not to put a RB, WR or TE in that 2nd or 3rd QB slot as QBs will almost ALWAYS score more FF points than the other 3 positions. Whichever avenue you use, still give the replacement players all of the other considerations we have been discussing these last 5 weeks. (refer to ALL of the posts). To find out which players aren’t playing look at your teams BYE week column. You should already know by now. But in case you’re just finding out, there are still good players on your Bench and on the WW and FA lists.

Be careful that if you DROP a player to get a FA there is no guarantee you’ll get him back. If he’s half way decent another team will snatch him up quicker than a mosquito could bite a donkeys’ butt. If you are using a Bench replacement make sure to flip them back for week 6. If you are not sure who to use, send in your question and we’ll give you our suggestions in plenty of time to set your roster. This week we had plenty of our followers ask about replacement players. I thought I would add one to this report to show how and why we decide on picking between two or more players. Here it is:

Jim wrote us asking who he should play, Phil Rivers (QB SD) or Matthew Stafford (QB Det). Our response:

This is a very big game for Detroit. They will have a national audience on Monday Night Football and a chance to go 5-0. Plus they are playing a divisional rival and that always jacks the players up. Although I like Rivers (I drafted him on one of my teams) all of the statistics indicate that for week 5 GO WITH STAFFORD. The only category that would lean towards Rivers is Opponents Ranking.

Stafford, who will have the extra juice and motivation players get when they’re on MNF, is playing Chicago at home. The Bears are ranked 9th on Defense. Rivers is playing Denver, ranked 25th on Defense. Through 4 weeks Stafford is averaging 31 fantasy points vs. Rivers 22. In week 5 Stafford will pass for over 300 yds with 3 TDs and give you at least 30 -35 fantasy points. I also see a high scoring game (38-31 Detroit over Chicago) so 40 fantasy points is not out of the question. Good luck.

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As you can see there is a lot to think about when deciding who to play. Here is another consideration: If you happen to have a WR (usually a #1 WR on his NFL teams’ depth chart) and they are playing the New York Jets you may not want to play a WR that will be facing the Jets. New York will usually have Darrelle Revis cover the opposing teams’ #1 receiver. In this weeks match up the Jets will probably have Revis cover New Englands’ Wes Welker. Here is where it gets tricky. Revis has been very succesful in all but shutting down the other teams’ #1 WR. Yet some people (myself included) advise to play your studs (a top 10 ranked player) NO MATTER WHAT! Sounds like we’re talking out of both sides of our mouths? Well, you’re right we are. Thats’ why we say GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING. When all the stats are researched, trust your instincts. And when Revis shuts down Welker, just chalk it up to a bad week for Welker. You still have to play him. If Revis shuts down WRs 99% of the time, maybe Welker will be that 1% that has his normal BIG game. Keep in mind, we’re not solving our nations unemployment rate, it’s just a game.

Speaking of statistics, don’t pay them any attention… Just kidding, don’t freak out, nothing being smoked here. What I meant is that sometimes we can’t rely solely on them. Case in point. All of the preseason projections from all of the services had the Pittsburgh Steelers ranked #1 on Defense. As you can see, after 4 weeks that projection did not hold up. And now that James Harrison (OLB) is out (he’s the one that tries to take QBs heads off), the climb back to #1 just got that much harder. Most fantasy team owners are panicking and dropping the Steelers. I’m not. It’s only been 4 games. I’ll give them another game or two, maybe three or four. Why? The next 2 games (Tenn. #7, Baltimore #1) might be tough, but then again maybe not. The Steelers are a proud franchise that may want to prove they still have more gas left in the tank. It’s possible that they could hold the Titans and Ravens to 10 points or less. Anything is possible. I could see them letting Ray Rice (RB Baltimore) run up and down the field but, if they keep him out of the end zone 10 or fewer points is a REAL possibility. The following 2 games are against Seattle, #28 and Indy, #22. I like those match ups. Enough to make me want to keep them on my roster for another week or two or maybe three or four.

Lots of stuff to consider isn’t it? That’s what makes it fun. Just make sure you take care of your players on BYE and now that there will be BYES each week get into the habit of planning ahead. Do that and you’ll stay ahead of the rest of the pack.


Remember-play with your head, not with your heart

Remember-play with your head, not with your heart

It’s time to gear up and make sure all is well on your rosters for week 6. First we’d like to thank all of you that have taken the time to read our posts and for sending in your questions and comments.

A very good technique to use is to play with your head not your heart. Too many times when someone just starts a Fantasy football team they go after players from their hometown team. When I first started a playing Fantasy football 8 years ago, my beloved Buffalo Bills were doing, how should I say, not too good. But not knowing any better I had 8 of 11 roster spots filled with Buffalo players. Fast forward to game 6 and a won loss record of 0-5.  I decided Trent Edwards and his crew weren’t taking me to any fantasy playoff games. Now keep in mind I’m as die-hard a Bills fan as there is anywhere for any team in the nation. I’ve been following them since the 60s. I have seen the good (4 Super Bowl appearances in a row) to 2-14 seasons. But the group of Bills I had on my fantasy team just weren’t getting it done. No wonder they were all over all of the Free Agent list. I was born at night but not last night so after those first 5 games out went the Bills and in came The Eagles, Steelers, Patriots and any other winning team I could find. Guess what? That first year of playing fantasy football I went 8-1 over the last 9 games finishing 8-6, made the first round of the playoffs, which I lost, but I was hooked and off to the races.

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As we always remind our readers – make sure you take full advantage of your Fanduel promo code when you sign up for a new account!

This is probably some of the best advice I can give. Play with your head, not your heart. This is a numbers only game there is no emotions being used. The computer follows a players stats and let you know what their averages will be. So, TRUST THE NUMBERS. They don’t lie and they don’t use emotion when making recommendations.

The TV experts’ guess is just as good as yours. Always trust your gut feelings. So, unless you are from New England, San Diego, Green Bay or New Orleans, and now finally the Ryan Fitzpatrick led Buffalo Bills,  try not to play your home town team players. They will give you something, something called heartache. The five teams mentioned have high scoring attacks. If you have WRs, RBs or TEs from those teams play them each week. They will get you points.

Keep in mind that PASSING is way up this year. Last year there were 5 QBs that passed for more than 4000 yards. This year 12 of 32 QBs are projected to hit that milestone. Find players from those teams and play them each week. And don’t be afraid to trade. Too many times we fall in love with players that don’t help us. Look at other teams in your league and see where they might be weak. It’s OK to put in a trade to them. It’s week 6, you should know by now who is contributing and who is not. If you have a bench player that your not keeping for an upcoming BYE week replacement, put the word out that he is tradeable. Either put in a trade, put the player on THE TRADING BLOCK or e mail a team to see if they are interested. There is still plenty of time to salvage a good season by making a move or two. Your job is to strengthen your team. Player by player, position by position, look for ways to improve your team

Fanduel fantasy lineup tip of the week

Fanduel fantasy lineup tip of the week

TIP OF THE WEEK: If you need a QB for the last few weeks ADD Thad Lewis. He is still available in a lot of leagues.  He is also going to be good for at least one Rushing TD, unlike some of the greats like Brady and Rivers. Pick him up and enjoy the solid 20-25 fantasy points he’ll get you each week. he’s a beast and you can play your Fanduel promo code by picking him and expecting great things, almost automatically.

So it’s week 8. In most Fanduel fantasy leagues there are seven more games to go. It’s time to either make a run for the playoffs or put your team in the best position to win those last two playoff games. With just a very few exceptions, using a key player that is only 75% healthy could  do more harm than good. Sometimes a second tier player that is 100% is better. Sometimes, not always, but stranger things have happened in this fantasy year.

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Stick to the basics. If you have a winning team, tweak it if necessary. If not, leave it alone. If you are near a chance for the playoffs, let it all hang out. For that matter even if you are out of the playoffs, have some fun. Be a spoiler.  What have you got to lose if you pick up a Free Agent or two? Drop the lowest guy in points for the year. Of course just when you decide to do that, he racks up 35 points that week.  I tried to tell you at the start of the season that Fantasy Football brings on premature grey hair. Make sure to check each players’ Oppositions’ Ranking. This is one of the most valuable tools you can use. After 7 weeks of averages, go with the numbers. Fantasy Football is a numbers game, as i have said it many times. That’s all, don’t complicate it. Play with your head, not your heart.  And, if all else fails, make sure you start your own league next year so you get the first draft pick and you can draft Peyton Manning. I hear he’s projected to throw 57 more TDs, while he’s vacationing at Disney World during the off season.

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GOOD LUCK TO ALL, feel free to send in any thoughts, comments or questions.

When you Fanduel teams gets crushed

When you Fanduel teams gets crushed

No I’m not talking about yours or my fantasy football won-lost record. Nor am I going to discuss the different choices we have for presidential nominees. And I ‘m not even going to mention the ouchies that from time to time all of our kids or grand kids get.

What I do want to mention though is that this is fantasy football week 11 and if you didn’t get your free entry at Fanduel with your Fanduel promo code – well it’s time to do it! What that means is everyone is playing hurt. After 10 weeks of 200-300 lbs (and more) full grown men slamming and crashing and doing whatever they can to stop the guy with the ball, every player in the NFL is playing hurt.

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When you set your roster for week 11 make sure to read the info on each player. NO EXCEPTIONS. Well maybe one, some guy from Green Bay that refuses to play by the rules and is throwing 4-5 touchdowns each week. Probably could do the same throwing left-handed. And I’m sure his O-line isn’t letting anyone get within 30 yards of him. Would you? Probably could throw a TD between his legs, standing on his head and bouncing the ball off all of the other 11 players on defense. Betcha he goes number 1 on everybody’s Player Rankings next year. Some guy named Rodgers. I was lucky to draft him on my two Flea Flicker teams. (Re: check my links at the end of this report). I also just read that he’s on pace to throw 350,000 yards and 437 TDs. This year!

Now, back to the band-aides. Every NFL team has either lost players for the year, or had torest and heal some key players for a few games due to injuries. And some big names to boot. Kenny Britt made it through two games. I was planning on a big year from him. Tim Hightower made it though six. Earnest Graham-lights out. And just when Denver was about to proclaim Knowshow Moreno their feature RB, he decides to take a break, for the rest of the season. Even James Harrison, Pittsburgh’ very violent middle linebacker, who made a living at knocking out other players,  knocked himself out for several games. As I mentioned in a previous report, it’s a war out there.

You might ask, if everyone is hurt, why research the injury?  Here’s a couple of reasons.  If a QBs throwing hand has a broken finger-not good, you should think strongly of benching him. Unless you have Big Ben from the Steelers. He has a broken thumb but was lucky to catch a BYE this week. So he’ll have an extra week to heal but trust me, if Pittsburgh played this week, so would Ben. If the broken finger is on your QBs’ non throwing hand, start him. If an RB has a groin or foot injury, sit him. He needs those body parts to get you fantasy points. If his neck hurts a little, give him a pain shot and start him. Same with WRs. If they have foot or leg injuries , well that’s their bread & butter, it’s what they use to get us fantasy points. Sit them. If they have a slight wrist ouchy, start them. Oh, don’t forget the Demoral. Then on the other side of the coin you have guys like Tony Romo who played a few games with a body cast and LOTS OF DEMORAL.  And this goes without saying, if your kicker has a broken foot and your not sure what to do, you probably should switch to fantasy Bowling.

Most of the fantasy leagues will say if a player is either Probable or Questionable. Or what I like to refer as The Kiss of Death, A GAME TIME DECISION. The NFL states that each team must submit to the opposing team if a player is playing or not 1 1/2 hours before game time. That should give you time to make a switch if need be. However,  most NFL coaches will not disclose the extent of a players’ injury during the week. How dare they do that to us fantasy players? If one of your players is listed as Questionable and your roster could afford it don’t start him. Another great tip is to go to the teams web site. On the league you can click on the players’ info page and it will take you first to the team name and if you click on that it will take you to the teams actual web site where you get up to the minute injury reports. I’ve used that several times when not sure what to do.

We also have to consider the attitudes of the average NFL player. Here’s a direct quote from Detroit defensive tackle, Ndamukong Suh, “I like to punish the QB. I like to punish RBs for them trying to make plays on my defense.” Guess no one is trying to intentionally hurt the opposition in this league.

TIP OF THE WEEK: If you need a QB for the last few weeks ADD Tim Tebow. He is still available in a lot of leagues. I guess people still don’t believe he is a starting NFL QB. I have followed Tim for his 5 years as a Gator and now the last two in Denver. What I’ve always liked about Tebow is his attitude. He may not be fancy and/or polished. He may not have the best delivery (passing) techniques. But he DOES have the BEST attitude. And don’t they tell us that attitude is 90% of the game?  The guy FLAT OUT WINS. Two college championships. A Heisman trophy. And now after  five NFL games, he is 4-1 as a starter. He is also going to be good for at least one Rushing TD, unlike some of the greats like Brady and Rivers. Pick him up and enjoy the solid 20-30 Fantasy points he’ll get you each week.

So it’s week 11. In most Fantasy leagues there are only four more games to go. It’s time to either make a run for the playoffs or put your team in the best position to win those last two playoff games. With just a very few exceptions, using a key player that is only 75% healthy could  do more harm than good. Sometimes a second tier player that is 100% is better. Sometimes, not always, but stranger things have happened in this fantasy year.

One week to go! Let’s get that Fanduel money!

One week to go! Let’s get that Fanduel money!

In most Fanduel fantasy football leagues, there is just one week left in the regular season.  Your team is in one of three places. Clinched a spot in the playoffs, have a chance to still make the playoffs or out of the playoffs. What to do? And if this the right time to finally use your Fanduel promo code if you haven’t done so already?

If you are out of the playoffs it’s real easy to say the heck with it and stop playing.  Why go through all that work setting up a team and saying “I’m probably going to lose again.”  Would yo do that if you still had a shot or were in the playoffs?  Of course not.  So why start now?  You’ve played 13 weeks so far, don’t quit now.  Go back 13 weeks when you just started the season and remember the excitement you had of getting your new team.  Bring back that excitement for one more game.  Not to mention, how fair is it to the rest of the league?  Why let someone back into the playoffs with an automatic win because you didn’t play ?  If nothing else, play the spoiler role and knock someone out of the playoffs the right way, with a win.

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Suppose your in the second group of still trying to make the playoffs. You really have to buckle down this last game . Some NFL players will attempt to have really big games to “pad” their stats.”  It helps them in negotiating new contracts.  Some NFL teams will sit key players to “heal” them and get them ready for the playoffs. Research ALL of your players to make sure that the players YOU have listed as starters are starting. Take some extra time here. This last game is critically important to you.

Finally for those of you that are fortunate to have already clinched a playoff spot.  Unlike the real NFL you can’t rest your team. Research to make sure your players are starting and do whatever you have to do to win the last game.  A 12-2 or 10-4 record is something to be proud of.  So finish strong, put some fear in your playoff opponent. Show them that they are playing one of the stronger teams in your Fanduel league.

In case you haven’t noticed by now Fantasy Football has grown to be one of the most played On-Line games of the last two decades.  If you are not playing it, you know someone in your immediate circle that is.  If you were to line up ten of your friends against the wall chances are seven have a team on one of several computer leagues. Why such a fuss?  Why are so many playing?  The answer is plain and simple.  It’s called the genius marketing machine of the National Football League.  About 20 years ago the NFL figured it out.

They knew they were surpassing Baseball as Americas’ favorite team sport to watch.  Watching baseball on TV or going to a game at your local stadium is nice, but that’s it, it’s nice!  You could lay back, have a hot dog or two, some peanuts and a cold beverage of your choice and most of all RELAX.  With Baseball, there are time outs between each pitch, batters don’t rush, pitchers take their time… Not much lost!  And you can even take your eye off the game for a bit. (Just be careful if your sitting close enough to be hit by a foul ball).

Fantasy football at Fanduel is a numbers game!

Fantasy football at Fanduel is a numbers game!

There are two types of laws that most of us follow. The first are Man-Made Laws. These are laws that were passed by our legislators from speeding too fast in your car to going too slow in your car, from throwing trash on our streets to putting too much trash on the curb on garbage day. And for the REAL bad guys we have laws  set in place to prevent stealing everything from shoplifting to home invasions. Being a family oriented site thats enough on what the bad guys do, I think you get the picture. You may or may not be caught breaking these Man Made Laws. You may or may not be punished for breaking them as well.

The second set of laws are Universal Laws. These are laws that if broken they will eventual catch up to us. Such as The Law of Sowing and Reaping. What we sow today we reap tomorrow. If we practice our chosen profession now, we will become better at it tomorrow. The Law of telling the Truth is another. What we lie about today will catch up to us tomorrow. Unlike the Man made Laws where we may or may not get caught, this won’t happen with Universal Laws. If you don’t Sow (study & research) you will not reap. Sow weeds, you get tall weeds.

Why bring this up now on a fantasy football site which talks mainly about Fanduel and the available Fanduel promo code offers? Because, the more work we put in researching our teams and players will pay off in wins on Sunday and Monday. By now it may make some sense that if your ‘big guns’ aren’t getting it done that it might be time to sit them. Case in point. All week long I debated whether to play Julio Jones, WR from Atlanta over James Jones WR from Green Bay. Jones from GB has had a few very good games, but after looking at Atlanta’ opponent (Indy) my GUT said to go with Julio who responded with 27 fantasy point vs James’ 8. Another tip worth sharing is when you have a player who is on the bubble as far as playing or not due to an injury, then go to his NFL teams website for any injury news from the team. The more you Sow the More you Reap.

It wasn’t what we’re use to from the last few years but it looks like Chris Johnson may be finally coming around. He got 11 NFL fantasy points (3 times more than what he’s been getting this years) so keep him in your line ups. A lot of nay-sayers were complaining that he got his money so he let up. The truth is he is playing under a different system with new coaches so for some that takes time to grasp. Give him a break. He will do you good the rest of the way. We also didn’t see the injuries we have been seeing in the first 8 weeks so Week 10 ought to be very interesting.

Now that there are 9 games under the belt, with 7 left we’ll be seeing a lot of teams start to jockey for the play off spots. We should really start to see some awesome games and individual performances. Research YOUR players stats and especially who they are playing against. (Opponents Ranking). Although my heart wanted to play Steve Johnson (WR Buffalo) I knew he would be draped by Revis from the Jets. So instead I went with Victor Cruz (yes from the enemy Jets) and it turned into the right decision as Johnson got 7 points vs Cruz’ 10. Three points isn’t much, but in a tight fantasy game it’s super important!

Just remember, the more you SOW (from here on) the more wins you’ll get and hopefully we will see you in the playoffs.

I’ll be giving you an update on my 5 teams tomorrow after tonight MNF game. However I can happily report that my 0-8 team from ESPN is now 1-8.

Don’t forget to click on our valued advertisers (in the box on the top right in blue). There is a ton of fantasy Football info here and again, the MORE YOU SOW, THE MORE YOU REAP.


Fanduel mock draft continued

Fanduel mock draft continued

Like I mentioned in the earlier post, you’ll notice after seven rounds of a PERFECT draft all of the start worthy players would have been picked. This means at least 12 QB’s and TE’s and 30 RB’s and WR’s should have been selected during this time. With many people looking to wait on QB and TE in current strategies if you’re going to wait you had better be sure the guy you’re waiting on is going to finish in the starter area for his average points per game.

Further VBD totaling for the last two seasons on average tells me that all of the “start worthy” players at each position should have been selected by the end of the 7th round. Obviously this would require everyone having a perfect draft, but it’s at least something to keep in mind when picking your team. Here’s the average number of players that should have been drafted in each of the first 7 rounds (12 team lg.) according to MY VBD the last 2 seasons. Yes, I understand 2 seasons is a small sample size but I feel that the league is always changing so current stats are better for predictions.

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Also please have in mind that Fanduel offers a bunch of free stuff for new depositors and the best way to take advantage of these is with a tested and working Fanduel promo code offer.

This stat looks like a good guideline for drafting, but you’ve got to keep in mind other people’s strategies as well. For the most part you’re going to see more RB’s and WR’s come off the board by the 7th round than are listed above, and depending on your format you may be starting more than 5 guys (between the two positions) in that area so you may decide they’re more important, but make sure you get quality guys at both QB and TE because they can make a huge difference. The table also suggests that there’s no need to jump in a “position” run in your draft if you see TE’s or QB’s going quick and early because only
about one player at each position per round is worth it’s value at that point. So, if someone snags the guy you had your eye on, check down, and pick an RB/WR and look at who’s in your next tier for that position.

There are many strategies and ways to do this mock draft thing and I will definitely make another post later to explain in more details.

Fanduel mock draft and best ways to use your Fanduel promo code entry

Fanduel mock draft and best ways to use your Fanduel promo code entry

Here’s a quick ramble regarding some of my mock draft take aways for this season. After doing many Fanduel mock drafts (mostly from the 8 spot for the one league I know draft position in), I’ve found that even being in a later spot in the first round I prefer the teams I draft in which I start RB/WR. Also these mock drafts have helped me tremendously when picking the week and the game to use my Fanduel promo code free entries. It sometimes causes me to reach a bit for an RB who may be there in round 2, but that I’m not willing to chance losing because of the way I look at the RB tiers. I’m willing to do this rather than go WR because in the 2nd round I have always been able to grab a guy that I’ve got in my top 6 or 7 WR rankings. Typically I’m looking to go RB in round 3 as well, but have found that sometimes the guys I see with a lot of upside have been gobbled up by then leaving me to either go TE (if my 2nd or 3rd guy is still there) or WR. The 3rd round is still a great round for WR, but they tend to be some of the older veterans with more questions about there upcoming season.

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Typically I like to have 3 RB’s chosen through 5 rounds (maybe 6) because I’m much more trustworthy of the later round WR’s that are available than the RB’s. The majority of the RB’s late will NEED an injury before they’re relevant enough to be in your starting lineup, while some of the WR’s will already be on the field quite a bit and can prove themselves through their game play. After the 6th round is when I find myself looking at filling in my QB/TE position if that hasn’t already been accomplished, and believe there are guys with enormous upside to be found in these rounds at each position.

Your draft sets the base for your team for the year, so you had better be ready to make the right pick in the right spot of your draft. You aren’t winning your league because of your first or second round picks, it’s those middle round gems that people are able to get for a great value that propel your team to a league championship. Because every draft will differ depending on draft position, style, and the order you take each position, I’ve decided to scrap doing a top 150. Instead I want to spend more time talking about the general strategy and where you should take players from a certain position, rather than using a scripted list of players. I will still list a top 50 at the bottom of this article for an idea for those top 4 rounds or so.

I also believe it’s very important that when you are getting your rankings together before the draft you have tiers created for each position. A lot of times you may have 4 or 5 players ranked one after another that are so similar it may not make a huge difference which one you end up with so it’s important to decide your priorities for each position and determining how many players in a certain tier are left for you may decide whether that position is of utmost importance when you make your pick, or whether you may be able to wait and still get a guy from that tier in the next round. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to drafting a guy is what people call his “ceiling”, or how high could his best season be, and his “floor”, or how low could his worst season be. This should help you make some tough calls later in your draft, because it’s helpful to have a good blend of “safe” guys that have a high floor, along with “upside” guys who have a really high ceiling.

I do believe that VBD is an amazing tool for use in determining where someone should be drafted, BUT it is based on what happened last year. I also prefer to look at it on an average basis as well, rather than total points for the season. I’ve also decided to change the boundaries a little bit for the wide receivers and the running backs. Rather than using the 24th player (very last #2 starter) as a baseline, I chose to use the 30th ranked player in each of these positions because pretty much all leagues use some sort of flex, so the odds are you will be playing 3 players from at least one of these positions. So, you will see me reference it occasionally, but rather than link it directly to last year’s player I prefer if you look at it from the idea that a certain number of players fell into a particular area of VBD ranking. For example, the way I’ve calculated it, there should have been 8 RB’s, 2 WR’s, 1 QB, and 1 TE drafted in last years first round (12 team).

Always keep an eye on the injury reports

Always keep an eye on the injury reports

Lately it seems that rather than looking to see how many points your fantasy player received this past week, we’re checking to see if they had a major injury or not. So far, without looking too deep into my two fantasy teams, I’ve lost Kenny Britt and Jaamal Charles, FOR THE SEASON.  Ouch.  Does it seem like the teams are hitting harder?  Are they purposely taking shots to knock a player out for the game or worse, the year?  Players keep getting bigger and faster each year.  The Laws of Physics say BT+GF=BE.  If you collide Bigger Things Going Faster you’ll have Bigger Explosions.

The very well respected defensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dick Le Beau, teaches his defenders to ‘explode’ through the other teams offense.  Concussions are up 30% from 2008-2010.  Season ending injuries are up 40% in the same time period.  James Harrison, the MLB from Pittsburgh that prides himself on knocking out someone is paying more in fines, from the usual $5,000 to now paying $50,000 and that’s not slowing him down.  It is definitely not the same league it was 5 to 10 years ago. It is much more violent.  So, why are we mentioning this on a fantasy football site?  The answer is that we can not have enough RBs, WRs or TEs on our bench.  Sometimes we put too much stock into having a ‘stud,’ a top 5 RB, WR or TE on our team (Jaamal Charles was my #1 draft pick in one of my leagues).  However, each week we see more 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers getting 10,15 sometimes 30+ points.

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A couple of weeks ago I received an email asking why there weren’t any quality Free Agents (translation BIG NAME) players on the FA list or the Waiver wire.  We advised that you have to look at the big picture when ADDING or DROPPING someone from your team.  Think about it, on any given weekend, QBs like Phil Rivers, Drew Brees or Tom Brady are capable for throwing over 400 yards.  The #1 receiver on those teams probably will not catch all 400 of those yards.  Which means someone is getting the rest of those passes.  The 2nd, 3rd or even the 4th receiver on the depth charts will get those calls.  Maybe the RB or TE will have a big game in Pass Receptions (which is anything more than either the Projected points or 15 points) because the #1 guy might be double teamed.  You have to look at the other wide outs on FA, AND the Defensive Rankings of the teams that the other receivers are playing against.  You have to look at the BIG picture. We have to eat the WHOLE enchilada, not just take one bite and hope it fills us up.

Here is what you need to do every Tuesday.  If you have a player on IR (Injured Reserve) DROP him. Right now. ADD a player, preferably in that same position (unless you have an obvious weakness in another position,or you can use a player in multiple positions like R/W/T/Q) that:

a. Is in the top 5 on stats for the year so far.

b. Is in the top 5 for projected points for the upcoming game.

c. Is in the top 5 Projected Rankings for the year.

You also should check on the Strength of Schedule, meaning how tough are the opponents in the NFL.  Look at Opponents Ranking.  If you see that a particular player is constantly playing against teams in the top 5 in their category take a closer look before you add him to your roster.

Never carry more than one Kicker or Def/STm (Unless they are on a BYE week). You can only play one at a time and the extra K or D/STm is taking a valuable roster spot that you could use with an extra RB, WR, or TE.

Sometimes you have to ADD a player just for that week only.  If you have someone on a BYE week, you might consider keeping the player on BYE and DROP your weakest player. You may or may not keep the new player depending on what they did that week, consider all of the above AND  TRUST your gut feeling.

Speaking of Gut Feelings, make sure you tune into our next report.  It will be on the importance of going with your gut and how you can translate that feeling into Ws.

A combined record of 5-1 is OK for now, but there is a lot of Fantasy football season left. I better make sure I practice what I preach.