Fanduel Promo Code

Fanduel Promo Code

Here is the absolute best Fanduel promo for 2017 – win your first contest or play again for free! Fanduel will credit your account up to $120 if you don’t win, so you get to try again for basically free! No promo code is required and as matter of fact using a code will not get you an extra entry or anything else. Fanduel is using them codes to track what commercial you saw on TV so they can play it again:)


This new “Win or play again for free” welcome bonus is in place of the old, very confusing and hated by many  promotion where you needed a Fanduel coupon code first and than get a bonus match on your first deposit. The bonus was released in increments based on how much you’ve played and was really kind of hard to get. There was so much confusion how, when and why the bonus money was earned so this year Fanduel made the whole process much easier, simpler and way more transparent.

Here’s how exactly this promotion works: sign up at Fanduel for a new account and make a deposit. Than it goes like this as stated on their website : “The maximum credit for a deposit of $200 or more is $120. Credits are added into a player’s FanDuel account within 72 hours of contest completion, and are to be used for additional play. Withdrawals will be available under the same terms as all funds in player’s account. Deposited funds must be entered into contests.”
As you can see this very simple and straightforward. Pretty much the more you deposit the more Fanduel is giving away as a bonus. Naturally it makes financial sense to make that first deposit count and put in as much as you can and play in a game with a big entry fee  but this is up to you of course.


So You’ve made an account, got into your first game and now are wondering what’s next? There are a ton of things You can do – for starters, the free stuff doesn’t end . Fanduel has a bunch of other totally free games where You can play and win real cash or other prizes . These are what they call ” free roll” games and require no entry fee, just draft Your team and beat the competition. These totally free games are great for new players and a very good way to check things out and learn how to play. Than of course there’s plenty of games to play for real money – Fanduel offers literally thousands of daily contest across all the major sports in USA. Fantasy football, as you can imagine, is the biggest and by far the most popular but there are also daily fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, fantasy golf, NASCAR, fantasy soccer and other sport games. The “daily” part is what makes Fanduel in particular and all the fantasy sports in general so popular and successful. The traditional fantasy games last for the length of the whole season and this can get rather boring – why wait 4-6 months to win? The daily fantasy sports ( or DFS for short) are not structured around let’s say the NFL season or the NBA season. With Fanduel You can play today and win cash prizes today. If Your team didn’t do well today – draft a brand new one tomorrow, there’s no need to keep the same players if they don’t perform and get You W’s. Every day, every contest is a new, clean slate and there is no waiting or delays. Do your research, draft, stay under the salary cap limit and win. Daily!

Basically the whole DFS cab be boiled down to this few simple steps:  signup, make a deposit (PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted) , pick a fantasy sport you would like to play in, pick your fantasy players – what actual team they play on does’n matter – it can be the Cowboys, Steelers, Cavaliers, Clippers or whatever – and assemble your own team. Every players on your team will earn you points depending on how well they perform and those points are added to form your lineup’s total. Now depending on the type of game you’ve picked to play – tournaments, head to head or 50/50 – if your score is high enough you win a piece of the prize money! The winnings go straight to your Fanduel account and you can use them to play again or make a withdrawal back to your PayPal account. A good way to keep track how your players perform is to watch ESPN or even better – get the Fanduel app on your mobile phone and stay on top of everything. And that’s all it is – simple, easy and very entertaining. In fact the daily fantasy sports make watching the NFL, MLB, NHL and all the other sports much more fun! And as posted above if you sign up now for a limited time you will get your first entry fee back if you don’t win money!

Please have in mind that this Fanduel promo code offer, Draftkings promo code offers and playing fantasy sports for real money are not available in all the 50 USA states. You will need to check on Fanduel’s website for the most current list of states allowing fantasy sports and the age requirements.

Disclaimer: This website is intended for adult audience of at least 18 years of age (21 years of age or older in Massachusetts and 19 in the states of Nebraska and Alabama). If you are not of the necessary age – please leave now by clicking the back button or closing the tab immediately . Fanduel and other companies mentioned here are registered trademarks and all images, logos, trade names and other marks belong to their respective owners. It is also important to know that the site may contain links which are considered affiliated and if you click on those and make a purchase  – we make a commission.

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Fanduel promo code - Win or play again for FREE! Fanduel will credit your entry fee up to $120 if you don't win your first game. No code necessary
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